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Covenants at a Glance

Covenants allow neighborhoods to maintain standards that help keep communities clean, attractive and well maintained.  This page is created to give prospective buyers an idea of the standards and covenants they will be required to follow by purchasing a home in Brentwood Estates. Covenants are listed here in abbreviated form. For a complete copy of Brentwood Estates covenants click here: About Brentwood Estates

Restriction of Use: Lots may be used for single family residences only and for no other purpose. *Use as a rental property is strictly prohibited.

Erosion Control: No Activity which may cause erosion or siltation problems shall be undertaken on any lot without written approval of the ACC.

Construction and Landscaping:  No construction or alteration of any structure shall take place without the prior written approval by the ACC of plans and specifications to accompany such construction or alteration.

Temporary Buildings: No temporary building, trailer, garage, or building under construction shall be used as a residence.

Signs: No signs whatsoever (included but not limited to commercial and similar signs) are allowed.

Fences: No fence or wall of any kind shall be erected, maintained, or altered on any lot without the prior written approval of the ACC.

Roads and Driveways: No road or driveway shall be constructed or altered on any lot, without prior written approval of the ACC.

Clotheslines, Antennae etc.: No clotheslines, antennae, exterior television/radio antenna or satellite dish/receiver, solar or other equipment of any sort shall be placed without prior written approval of the ACC.

Garbage Cans and Woodpiles: All clotheslines, equipment, garbage cans, woodpiles and solar equipment shall be kept screened by adequate planting or fencing....and may be maintained only in the rear yard or lot.

Maintenance: Each owner shall keep and maintain each lot and structure as well as landscaping in good condition and repair.

Commercial and Recreational Vehicles and Trailers:  No commercial vehicle, house trailer, mobile home, motor home, recreational vehicle, camper, truck with camper top, boat or boat trailer, or like equipment shall be permitted on any lot or within the right-of-way of any street in the development on a permanent basis.

Recreational Equipment: Recreational and playground equipment shall be placed or installed only behind a residence. 

Animals: No agricultural animals may be kept on any lot. Gwinnett County Animal control requires owners to leash their pets any time they are off their own property. This is for the protection of your animals and your neighbors. Pet owners are required to collect and properly dispose of any solid waste generated by their pet (this includes anything on your neighbor's property as well as any common areas).

Delivery Receptacles and Property Identification Markers: The ACC shall have the right to approve the location, color, size, design, lettering and all other particulars of receptacles for the receipt of mail, newspapers or similarly delivered materials, and of name signs for such receptacles, as well as property identification markers.

Use of Outbuildings and Similar Structures: No structure of a temporary nature shall be erected or allowed to remain on any lot, unless approved in writing by the ACC.

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